Works by Lisa Di Stefano & George Marks


-“Art is a harmony parallel with nature.” - Cezanne

“Le Terroir & Le Ciel” - The Land & The Sky, featuring works by Lisa Di Stefano & George Marks looks at elements of the land and sky through the lens of evolving landscapes and bird nests.

In the works of George Marks, landscapes are rendered in a loose abstract style. Referred to by Marks as his "chalkboard series", he seeks to create a landscape changing or wiping away over time similar to a child erasing a drawing on a chalkboard - the shadows of what once was remains. Marks series was influenced by his study of environmental change and coastal erosion in Louisiana.

 In contrast to Marks's direct reference to the terrain, Lisa Di Stefano focuses on abstract patterns, reinterpretations of natural phenomenon created by bowerbirds. Bowerbirds are a unique species native to Australia known for their self-made ornate and colorful "bowers" or "nests". Scientists often study bowerbirds as one of nature's prime examples of the perception & creation of beauty. For this series, Di Stefano remarked:  "When I heard the story of the bowerbird, I was so inspired by their use of color and how they built nests and curated them. When I saw a photo of a nest and the landscaping, I immediately saw my first painting. I am obsessed with color, so I related with their creations.” 

“Le Terroir & Le Ciel” will be presented at the Claire Elizabeth Gallery from Mar. 28th - May 27th. An opening reception will be held on Sat. Apr. 6th from 6-9pm and all are invited to attend.

Lisa Di Stefano, “Nid de la Couleur/Nest of Color, #1-3”, mixed media on panel, 12 x 36 in., each panel; approximately 40 x 36 in. installed as a trio as shown.

George Marks, “Connexions Modifiée/Modified Connections”, mixed media on panels, 103 x 75 in.. installed as a trio as shown.