works by dan tague, logan ledford, jennifer gibbs & carlee arnold

“Gleam”, a group exhibition featuring works by artists Dan Tague, Logan Ledford, Jennifer Gibbs & Carlee Arnold looks at contemporary art through the lens of currency and tones of gold and green. “Gleam” is by definition a verb, “to shine bright”, but the secondary meaning often connotes the allusion of something greater. “Gleam” by popular notion is something that “glitters” and attracts the eye in a way that is allusive, yet alluring. In the exhibition, the viewer approaches the notion of “gleam” through images and symbols of currency - folded bills of American & International Currency with aspirational & socially charges words as well as abstract patterns with golden “nuggets” and pops of color.

“Gleam” will be presented at the Claire Elizabeth Gallery from Jan. 24th - Mar. 18th. An opening reception will be held on Sat. Feb. 2nd from 6-9pm and all are invited to attend.