Claire Elizabeth Gallery is pleased to present Musings, a group exhibition, Nov. 15th – Jan. 20 2019 with an opening reception on Saturday, Nov. 17th from 6-9pm. The exhibition features abstract paintings and works on paper by three Louisiana "Muses" – Emery Gluck, Brooke Hoogendoorn & Miriam Lilje.

"Musings" are periods of reflection or thought - short moments in time where the mind wanders. In observing abstract works, the viewer is forced to do the same - to let the mind wander and observe the flow of colors, shapes and forms. Sometimes, a work of art can be pieced together into a meaning and other times not. The beauty of abstraction is the viewer can choose what a work means, allowing his/her own thought to take form like a test with no wrong or right answer.

Musings features abstract paintings and works on paper by three local female artists. In the work of Emery Gluck, a recent Artist-in-Residence at the Joan Mitchell Center, we see free flowing lines and stark contrast of color from grey and black to pale pink and sage green. Brooke Hoogendoorn incorporates bold colors and lines amongst paler forms often soft, yet strong with her compositions. Vines, leaves and trees layered among abstract forms are some of the features of the work of Miriam Lilje, an artist and art historian originally from Germany, who has traveled extensively and often incorporates scenes from the changing landscapes into her work.

Musings is an exhibition of color, line & form presented in lyrical patterns of abstraction. Claire Elizabeth Gallery invites viewers to experience this showcase of reflective works created by three local talents.