verve: work by Rebekah mAY, NEAL NOVAK & MARY SINGLETON

Verve Banner.jpg

Verve, featuring works by Rebekah May, Neal Novak and Mary Singleton highlights energy, vigor and color.

In the works of Rebekah May, the viewer approaches vines and blooms as they emerge from a background of atmospheric abstraction - a mixture of the real and surreal rendered in layered pigments. In contrast, Mary Singleton highlights blooms and undulating coral - inspired by a recent sojourn to Belize - that are revealed only after the viewer moves away from the canvas allowing colors and figures take form. Lastly in the works of Neal Novak, the essence of a place, object or phase of the moon is captured in bold strokes of color patched together like an abstract quilt.

Le terroir & le ciel: work by GEORGE MARKS & LISA DI STEFANO

“Art is a harmony parallel with nature.” - Cezanne

“Le Terroir & Le Ciel” - The Land & The Sky, featuring works by Lisa Di Stefano & George Marks looks at elements of the land and sky through the lens of evolving landscapes and bird nests.

In the works of George Marks, landscapes are rendered in a loose abstract style. Referred to by Marks as his "chalkboard series", he seeks to create a landscape changing or wiping away over time similar to a child erasing a drawing on a chalkboard - the shadows of what once was remains. Marks series was influenced by his study of environmental change and coastal erosion in Louisiana.

 In contrast to Marks's direct reference to the terrain, Lisa Di Stefano focuses on abstract patterns, reinterpretations of natural phenomenon created by bowerbirds. Bowerbirds are a unique species native to Australia known for their self-made ornate and colorful "bowers" or "nests". Scientists often study bowerbirds as one of nature's prime examples of the perception & creation of beauty. For this series, Di Stefano remarked:  "When I heard the story of the bowerbird, I was so inspired by their use of color and how they built nests and curated them. When I saw a photo of a nest and the landscaping, I immediately saw my first painting. I am obsessed with color, so I related with their creations.” 



Gleam, a group exhibition featuring works by artists Dan Tague, Logan Ledford, Jennifer Gibbs & Carlee Arnold looks at contemporary art through the lens of currency and tones of gold and green. “Gleam” is by definition a verb, “to shine bright", but the secondary meaning often connotes the allusion of something greater. “Gleam” by popular notion is something that “glitters” and attracts the eye in a way that is allusive, yet alluring. In the exhibition, the viewer approaches the notion of “gleam” through images and symbols of currency - folded bills of American & International Currency with aspirational & socially charged words - as well as abstract patterns with golden “nuggets” and pops of color.


“Flora”, an exhibition of photography by Marcy Palmer explores the idea of beauty through imagery of florals & greenery. Palmer manipulates the images digitally to replicate alternative darkroom processes and finally gilds the prints. Using John O’Donohue, philosopher and writer, as inspiration, Palmer seeks to explore his notion that beauty can be the antidote to personal & poltical crises. Or in the words of O’Donohue, “beauty is not a luxury, but…ennobles the heart and reminds us of the infinity that is within us.”

“Flora” will be the feature exhibition at Claire Elizabeth Gallery for PhotoNOLA, an annual celebration of photography in New Orleans organized by the New Orleans Photo Alliance. An opening reception with the artist will be held on Sat. Dec. 15th from 6-9pm and all are invited to attend.

IN TIME: Old Meets New

In Time.jpg

Claire Elizabeth Gallery is pleased to present In Time, a group exhibition, Sept. 7th – Oct. 28, 2018 with an opening reception on Saturday, Sept. 15th from 6-9pm. The exhibition features artwork by four Southern creators –Rayne Bories, Ashton Shaw Despot, Ida Floreak & Charles Ruello – working with images & relics of the past presented in a new, modern way.

“History repeats itself” is an old adage heard time and again. In art as in life, relics of the past can be made new by a modern hand. As we celebrate 300 years of history in New Orleans, the connections between past and present have come forth in a striking way. In Time is an analysis of how old meets new through visuals.

In the paintings of Ida Floreak, an artist trained as an archeological illustrator, we see modern, painted arrangements of taxidermy, elements of nature & relics similar to those found from ancient cultures. For Ashton Shaw Despot, the past meets present is a style of painting, “contemporary impressionism”, presented through her soft, but striking landscapes. Classic portraits by Rayne Bories are painted in the mode of European/early American painters with an added whimsical element of sliced citrus fruits obscuring the figure – a humorous spin in the mode of “Pop Art”. Last but not least, In Time includes historical architectural renderings created by artist Charles Ruello, an architect for over 40 years, Ruello has spent years analyzing blue prints and architectural plans to recreate historic buildings with a modern hand.

In Time is an exhibition of a variety of media with the common thread of reinterpretation of the past. Works on display range from large scale works on panel & canvas to limited edition mylar prints. Claire Elizabeth Gallery invites viewers to experience this showcase of “old meets new” in a creative way.


Florals, Botanicals, Nature & Women


Claire Elizabeth Gallery is pleased to present Flourish, a group exhibition, June 8 – July 30, 2018 with an opening reception on Saturday, June 16th from 6-9pm. The exhibition features paintings by four female Southern artists – Carlee Arnold, Jenness Lasater, Lizzy Love & Mary Singleton – working with images & symbols of nature and the ever present connection between the feminine - the ability to grow, flourish and give life.
In the early 20thcentury, when Georgia O’Keeffe began painting the flower – its undulating colors, the deep grooves of its petals & powerful, yet delicate position - what viewers saw was not just a representation of nature, but the product of a “modern” woman. Whether conscious or not, the image of the flower and representations of nature in its most fertile state often connect to the feminine. In Flourish, we look at the work of four Southern artists – each woman working in representational works of “floral” and/or with a keen eye for color – the rich hues of the earth and how they relate to the world around us. In Carlee Arnold’s abstract paintings, we see deep greens and golds. Gold being a hue also shared in the mixed media works on panel by Jenness Lasater, who aptly names her pieces after “Medusae” – a mythical female form. In Mary Singleton and Lizzy Love’s work, we see more direct interpretations of Flourishwith blooming magnolias, highlights of petals & lush green elephant ears and foliage. In select pieces, Singleton has also included figures of women coming out of trees and plants as if they are experiencing their own “birth of Venus” or second coming.
Flourish is an exhibition of color and the beauty of nature captured through the female voice. Paintings on display range from large scale floral diptychs to gentle watercolors on paper of flowers in bloom. Claire Elizabeth Gallery invites viewers to experience this showcase of women artists and their works of nature, life & energy.



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Claire Elizabeth Gallery is pleased to a selection of paintings by Sarah Nelson, Apr. 6 – May 21, 2018 with an artist reception on Saturday, Apr. 14th from 6-9pm. The exhibition titled Under the Same Sky is a painter’s journey through landscapes, cityscapes and the omnipresent shared sky.
The pink glow of the sun setting over a horizon to the dark clouds rolling over a city street, our visions are awash with the sky and its colors. A native of Martha’s Vineyard, Sarah Nelson has been surrounded with nature and its changing hues. When Nelson’s journey brought her to her second home of New Orleans, her work began to capture some of the magnetism of the bayous, tree canopies and city skylines that comprise the Crescent City and its surrounding areas.  
Under the Same Sky is an exhibition of color, energy and the beauty of the horizon captured by Nelson. Paintings on display include scenes from the verdant swampy South to the pastoral scenes of her native Northeast. The constant thread of Nelson’s work is first and foremost the transcendent allure of nature in its richest hues. Claire Elizabeth Gallery invites viewers to experience their own visual experience of color and light - Under the Same Sky.

sOUTHERN abstraction:

works by carlee arnold & jenness LASater

Banner (2).jpg

Claire Elizabeth Gallery is pleased to present a dual exhibition, Feb. 1 – Mar. 18, 2018 with an artist reception on Saturday, February 17th from 6-8pm. The exhibition titled Southern Abstraction is a journey of abstract forms and patterns found in the world around us and perceived by the mind’s eye.

Spider webs, ripples in the sand & blue crests of waves are all forms we, as viewers, conceptualize through pattern and form. Nature is awash with abstraction that we piece into images and over time, these images become part of our visual landscape. Whether conscious or not, what we see in shapes and colors reflect our experiences and memories. 

In the work of Jenness Lasater, we see undulating lines of blue, green, silver and gold that conjure up memories of searching for found objects in nature like a child on a visual scavenger hunt. In contrast, Carlee Arnold uses bold strokes of blue, green and highlights of gold to show the drama of water in all of its forms from the rush of waves in the ocean to the fragmented segments of breaking ice. Arnold’s work is about exploration of color, form and the richness of water that surrounds us.

Southern Abstractionis an exhibition of color, energy and life captured by Arnold & Lasater – two female artists working & painting in the South. In keeping with the abstract form most of the works are created in mixed media with materials ranging from liquid leading to gold leaf. The “mixed” media reinforces the sense of discovery and the drama of the abstract. Claire Elizabeth Gallery welcomes guests to experience the abstract works in person and create their own visions.


wORKS BY Ashton Shaw Despot, Lisa DI STEFAN0 & GEORGE MARKS


Claire Elizabeth Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition, Nov. 2 –  Dec. 30, 2017 with an opening reception on Friday, Nov. 17th from 6-9pm. The exhibition titled Lumineux or “Luminous” showcases works of vibrant color from three local Louisiana artists.  

In Lumineux, the viewer is presented with a collection of abstract and natural forms that exude light and create an almost dreamlike progression of color and imagery. In the paintings of George Marks, the silvery white tones of cotton dance upon the surface and add a sense of softness to an otherwise rich palette of blues and greens. Marks’ work combines the natural beauty of the landscape with the modernity of abstraction. By contrast, Lisa di Stefano uses abstract forms or “nests” of color that burst out of the surface of the canvas in a bold, but harmonious manner. The color field of di Stefano’s work is rich and captures the ordinary in a most extraordinary, vibrant way. In Ashton Shaw Despot’s paintings, the artist uses supple tones of blues and greens with pops of color to play upon the simplicity and beauty of nature, most notably bayous and landscapes. Despot’s created environments become whole from a far eyed glance, but upon further review are comprised of striking patterns and forms.

Through light and a shared palette, Lumineux connects three artists of different subject matter and forms. Lumineux is an ode to the beauty and color of Louisiana shown through imagined and real imagery. Claire Elizabeth Gallery invites the viewer to experience the journey of light through this series of work by George Marks, Lisa di Stefano & Ashton Shaw Despot.

art no(w):Contemporary works by New Orleans based artists

Art NO(w) - Banner.jpg

 Claire Elizabeth Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition, Jun. 9 – July 29, 2017 with an opening reception on Saturday, July 1st from 5-8pm. The exhibition titled Art NO(w) features contemporary works by New Orleans based artists with an emphasis on pop, color and social issues that are relevant today.

In Art NO(w), the artists take cues from the current cultural/social/political environment and put those ideas into visual images. From the representation of an African American and a Caucasian woman embracing to the “Warholesque” works of abstract colors and patterns layered on top of fashion magazines, each work references what is current and relevant. The exhibition features abstracts, portraits of “real” people and those of celebrities, mainly from the Hip-Hop/R&B community.

Art NO(w) is meant to both attract the eye via “pops of color,” while also raise awareness of topics in our “popular” society. The exhibition includes paintings and works on paper by Emily Lovejoy, paintings by Darneice Floyd, works on paper by Gavin Jones and sculptures by Drew Cooke. Each artist presents a different subject matter or method of creation, while maintaining the same strong color palette and social relevance.

From light to shadow:

Works by Amanda S. Fenlon, Kristin Eckstein & Marcy Palmer

 Claire Elizabeth Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition, Apr. 7 – May 27, 2017 with an artist reception on Saturday, April 22nd from 5-8pm. The exhibition titled From Light to Shadow takes the viewer on a journey of color from the cool hues of the day to the dark tones of nightfall.

Light and color surround us. From morning to night, we are bombarded with hues that shape the world we live in – the warm glow of the sun, bright blues of the sky, rich earth tones of the soil and the silvery grays and blacks of nightfall. Whether conscious or not, what we see as color shapes our experiences and relationships with ourselves. For example, many pastels/cool tones evoke memories of Spring and childhood innocence; whereas, the darker shades of blue, brown and gray are associated with age and contemplation. Each color or hue evokes a memory or an association that in return becomes a reflection of ourselves.

From Light to Shadow is not only a visual analysis of color, but an abstract journey in self-reflection. The exhibition includes abstract oil paintings by Amanda S. Fenlon and Kristin Eckstein as well as photography by Marcy Palmer. Each artist presents a different palette and perspective, which together creates a complete body of work.


Works by Lela Brunet, Alea Hurst, Jason Kruppa and Leroy Miranda, Jr.

 Throughout history masks have been adorned as a source of revelry, power and intrigue. From Ancient Roman bacchanals to modern day Carnival parades, the use of costuming allows an individual to take a reprieve from their everyday persona and embrace an alternate reality and personality. In Masked/unMasked, the viewer is presented with a variety of figures either deliberately masked, costumed or portrayed with an abstract face. Each “mask” or lack thereof presents a glimpse into the psyche or greater identity of the wearer – a conscious flux between what is seen (physical) and what is revealed (emotional).

Masked/unMasked is an ode to the spirit of the Carnival season - a time where masked and unmasked individuals come out in full regalia to both celebrate and reveal something greater about their “hidden selves”. The exhibition includes mixed media paintings by Lela Brunet, Alea Hurst and Leroy Miranda, Jr., as well as photography by Jason Kruppa. 

Jason Kruppa,  Aura No. 1 , 2016, giclée. Images copyright Jason Kruppa, 2016.  All Rights Reserved.

Jason Kruppa, Aura No. 1, 2016, giclée. Images copyright Jason Kruppa, 2016. All Rights Reserved.


Works by Jason Kruppa, Frances Rodriguez, Johanna Rotondo-McCord, Lauren Schonekas and Briana Catarino

Claire Elizabeth Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition, Dec, 1st, 2016 – Jan. 21st, 2017 with an opening reception on Saturday, December 3rd from 5-8pm. The exhibition titled Southern Exotic explores the flora, fauna and exceptional beings of the greater South.
Southern Exotic is the assemblage of creations by artists working in a variety of media. In Jason Kruppa’s photography, the viewer is invited into a journey of beauty and mysticism with unique portraits and images from the natural world. A nature girl at heart, the designs by Frances Rodriguez feature creatures of vibrant color and whimsy woven from different shapes and shades of fabric. Johanna Rotondo-McCord, a bibliophile and visual artist, produces intricate papercuts of natural life – an ancient technique with a modern twist. With the works by Lauren Schonekas, birds of all flight and fancy are painted in vibrant light with elements of gold leaf and feathers applied to the canvas. Lastly, the works by Briana Catarino capture childhood fantasies of a colorful menagerie on canvas and on paper.
Southern Exotic is an ode to the fantasy that is the South and reflects our sense of discovery, fascination and celebration. The exhibition includes a wide range of works that would make wonderful additions to any modern art collection as well as great holiday gifts. 


Works by Lisa di Stefano & George Marks

Lisa di Stefano,  Nid de Couleur/Nest of Color #1;   Nid de Couleur/Nest of Color #2; Nid de Couleur/Nest of Color #3 (Three separate pieces, shown installed as a triptych),  2016, Mixed Media on Wood, 12 x 12 x 2 in./each; 12 x 36 x 2 in./installed.  Image Copyright Lisa di Stefano, 2016. All Rights Reserved.

Lisa di Stefano, Nid de Couleur/Nest of Color #1; Nid de Couleur/Nest of Color #2; Nid de Couleur/Nest of Color #3 (Three separate pieces, shown installed as a triptych), 2016, Mixed Media on Wood, 12 x 12 x 2 in./each; 12 x 36 x 2 in./installed. Image Copyright Lisa di Stefano, 2016. All Rights Reserved.

 Claire Elizabeth Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of works by Lisa di Stefano & George Marks, Sept. 29th – Nov. 24th, 2016. The exhibition titled La Danse des Oiseaux/Dance of Birds explores the creative relationship between bowerbirds, which collect brightly colored objects to build their nests, and artists, whose process involves the assemblage of colors, textures and forms to create works of art.
La Danse des Oiseux/Dance of Birds is the assemblage of lyrical and artistic creations of Lisa di Stefano & George Marks. Di Stefano & Marks, who both received a Fine Arts Degree from Louisiana State University, have remained friends and creative colleagues for over thirty years. The artists share an interest in the symbiotic relationship between the hues, textures and shapes that come together to create an artistic form.

In analyzing their work in relation to one another, they stumbled upon the beautiful “story” of the bowerbird, a being whose sole existence is to collect colorful and abstract objects to weave into a nest. The bowerbird’s nest serves both as a dwelling, a home for its weary soles, and as a way to attract a mate, a soul partner. Scientists have observed that once a male bowerbird has completed its nest, he will “dance” to attract a female.

In the creative process, Di Stefano & Marks discovered their own dance of colors, textures and forms. La Danse des Oiseaux or Dance of Birds reflects the artists’ evolving artistic oeuvres/bodies of work and desire to entice the viewer. The exhibition includes a collection of artworks by Di Stefano & Marks including mixed media on paper and wood panel.

LA Visions:

Works by Michael Eble, Frances Rodriguez & Ashley Rouen

Aug. 11th – Sept. 22nd, 2016

An area known for verdant territories and waterways as well as unique Creole architecture, Louisiana has attracted artists of all genres to capture its “essence of place.” When the French settled the state, the views were of muggy, overgrown terrains full of native flora and fauna unknown to many Europeans. As commerce and society progressed, these terrains became more manicured and a settlement of cultured lands was established. With time, European gentry and later Creole and American populations brought a unique style of architecture to the area beginning with the elaborate Spanish and French wrought iron balconied homes of the French Quarter to the cookie-cutter Arts & Crafts homes lining the Bywater, Bayou St. John and Uptown neighborhoods of New Orleans. When Hurricane Katrina hit the state, a new view was born – one of devastation, abandonment and blight. In LA Visions, the viewer can see Louisiana, as it is today, through a series of visual representations of abstract/topographical landscapes, charming architectural styles and abandoned homes.

LA Visions features selected works by local artists including paintings by Michael Eble, paintings and works on paper by Frances Rodriguez and paintings and photographs by Ashley Rouen.

Defining Identity

Works by Dan Branch, Darneice Floyd, Emily Lovejoy & Leroy Miranda, Jr.

June 30 – Aug. 4th, 2016

By definition “identity” is “who someone is”, a simplistic way to categorize all the myriad of ways in which we present ourselves to the world. Whether it be through personality, appearance, nationality, race or the “masks” that we hide behind, “identity” is a constant battle to define our place among a greater society. The relationship between the external (physical/social) environment versus the internal (personal/emotional/spiritual) is a delicate relationship that artists explore through portraiture and conceptual artistic representations.
Defining Identity features selected works by emerging artists including paintings by Emily Lovejoy, carved and painted masks by Dan Branch, paintings by Darneice Floyd and mixed media works by Leroy Miranda, Jr..


Works by Jason Kruppa, Garrett Haab, Briana Catarino & Lela Brunet

Jason Kruppa,  The Traveler,  2016, Giclée.  Copyright © 2015 Jason Kruppa. All Rights Reserved.

Jason Kruppa, The Traveler, 2016, Giclée. Copyright © 2015 Jason Kruppa. All Rights Reserved.


May 12 – June 23, 2016

A “Muse” is one of the oldest archetypes in human civilization - a representation of an idealized woman blessed with beauty and exerting irresistible attraction. Since the dawn of ancient mythology, Muses have been a source of inspiration for artists, writers and musicians. Using their feminine mystique to stimulate creativity and flourishing of ideas, Muses are often described as the embodiment of poetry and song. In Muses and Musicians, the viewer is presented with artistic representations of Muses - the personification of the arts and beauty in the female form, alongside those of musicians - the disseminators of creativity in song.
Muses and Musicians features selected works by Southern artists including photography by Jason Kruppa, sculpture by Garrett Haab, works on paper by Briana Catarino and mixed media works by Lela Brunet.


Diffusion of Color: 

Works by Amanda S. Fenlon & Briana Catarino

March 24th - May 5th, 2016

Amanda Salvaggio Fenlon

Ocean Rush, 2015

Oil on canvas

36 x 48 in.

For centuries, art has been shaped by colors emanating off a surface to create the images, patterns and figures absorbed by the eyes. The diffusion or spreading of color opens the viewer not only to see shapes and forms, but to experience the expansion of light and shadow. A phenomenon which Matisse best summarized as "light is not suppressed, but is expressed by a harmony of intensely colored surfaces."

In the works of Amanda Salvaggio Fenlon, the viewer experiences light and color dancing on the surface in a series of waves, crests and valleys. In her "Pour Series," the artist starts by pouring diluted oils onto the canvas and manipulates the paint through movement and layers of color. This process is achieved without a single brushstroke, however remarkably results in fine painterly images of cacophonous, yet harmonious color.

Briana Catarino's creation starts with a rich color palette of acrylics, which are then transformed into forms of light and abstraction. Experiencing her work is like walking onto the beach at day break just as the sun unfolds rays of color across the sand and water. The artist uses color to evoke emotion and feelings of uninhibited joy and elation, which burst off the surface of her creations.

The Diffusion of Color is dedicated in the memory of Amy Louise Palmer (Apr.16, 1975 – Oct. 3, 2012) who served as the inspiration for the Claire Elizabeth Gallery.

Briana Catarino

Jetty, 2015

Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas

28 x 48 in.